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Error message “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias XXXX not found.

This message appear cause you have template with Revolution Slider but have no slider name XXX.

For example if the error message like this: “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias wp-news-full2 not found. ” 

That's mean you don't have slider named wp-news-full2 on Rev Slider.

Follow this steps:

1. Go to dashboard > Slider Revolution .

2. On the  Slider Revolution's page, click

3. From the import dialog box, click Choose Files button, then search a file name  wp-news-full2 on folder  Desmagz-wordPress-theme  > XML > Revolution-slider.

Revolution-slider's folder contains all file for Revolution slider with different styles.

4. Click Open's button and wait for a second till finish.

5. When the processes finish, refresh your web, the error message will disappear.


Sometime you need to define a category/tag to display on the slider. If this happen, you will get a notify like this:

"no slides found please add at least one slide template to the chosen language".

Follow this steps to fix the problem:

1. Click wp-news-full2's slider.

2. Then click Slider Setting's tab

3. Scroll down then on category area, choose the category you want to display on the slider (you can also choose other settings.)

4. Save your change, then refresh your web.