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setting up the header and footer like the demo

How to setting up the header and footer like the demo.

Please  follow this steps:

1. First, use Header Layout 4. Click dashboard> appearance> Fineglobe Option. Click Header's tab. Then from SELECT HEADER TEMPLATE, choose Header Layout 4. Header Layout 4 have 2 widget.

Quote and weather is widget area. Go to dashboard> appearance> widget.

For quote, use TEXT widget, fill with text and image as you want then place on HEADER 1 widget. You can easily make by yourself, use post/page editor. Create a post with visual as you want. Then switch to CODE VISUAL. Copy the code then paste to TEXT WIDGET. Here mine:

<img src="http://republikwp.com/fineglobe/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/GOVR.png" alt="GOVR" width="80" height="83" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-65633" /><h5>THE GOVERNOR</h5>
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For weather, use free plugin from here:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/interconnect-it-weather-widget/ and place on HEADER 2 widget.

2. For footer area.

Use Footer Layout 2. Click dashboard> appearance> Fineglobe Option. Click FOOTER's tab. Then from SELECT FOOTER TEMPLATE, choose Footer Layout 4. 

Then insert the widget and set yout footer menu.

For Socmed icon and link, you can set from dashboard> appearance> Fineglobe Option. Click SOCIAL MEDIA's tab. 

- Don't be hesitate if you have more question