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Theme options Disappear

Usually, this problem happened when you use multisite. 

If Desmagz Option disappear from your dashboard, maybe caused by your WordPress setting on wp-config.php not allow to display some menu on dashboard. Not only Desmagz Option, some default submenu also disappear.

Try to check with this following steps:

1. Activate default theme (Twenty Fifteen for example)

2. In normal WP setting, it's should have EDITOR submenu on APPEARANCE. Like this capture.

3, If you have problem with your WP configuration, the editor will disappear. Like this capture:

Please check your WP installation. The problem is on your WP installation on wp-config.php. 

Also, please check your wp-config.php file. 

This article will help you to understanding why the submenu disappear (including DESMAGZ OPTION) from your dashboard: